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Satria FU 150 engine modifications

n early 2010, we start by opening a little secret korekan Suzuki Satria F 150 powerful, armed with the capabilities of the mas interview in the birth to my first drag racing car, certainly not something that is difficult to understand the performance of the engine berbasic two Noken as in a cylinder head or DOHC known by the term. Moreover, during this, we specialize in handling the 4 valve engine, like Yamaha Jupiter MX never stop learning, research, and innovation. This simple korekan be very effective.

Head racing satria F150

Focus remains on a modified sector motor 4 tap the brain power, namely the cylinder head design, noken axles, valve configurations, track income and fuel disposal, and the compression ratio. Dimensionless standard valve on the inlet 22 millimeters and 19 millimeters at the outlet, of course we immediately lengserkan, lha wong MX aja pake usually valvular Satria F even spec in 2010 to adopt a bigger valve, cook satria F pake The standard valve, LHA later if the middle of the road disalip he thought MX Magic

dial cam satria F

dialing cam satria F150

Actually what hell is not big enough standard valve FU? For standard motor design that was more than enough. With dimensions of 62mm diameter piston, the inlet valve is 22mm in diameter fu if the original conversion into a single valve is already at 31mm. Huh?! .. really big! Ga believe? let's count, the extent of each area of valvular Fu worth 380 mm square, obtained from the multiplication konstatanta Phi with valvular quadrant radius. Results were multiplied by the number of valve that as many as 2 seed, got 760 mm square. Now this area we will use to find the diameter of valve if Fu was cursing a single valve only, then 760 divided by the constant 3.1416, the results are then in the square root to find the radius of valvular shadow. Found the end result = 15.55 mm is the radius katubnya. Well if you mean yes 31mm diameter anyway. Compare with the tiger who has a 63.5mm piston with a valve inlet 31.5, fu has a bore to valve ratio is greater than the tiger. But that's for standard size

Suzuki satria F 150

If modification ya just bury 24/21mm valve cylinder head Satria F, to compensate for loaded piston cylinder SCORPIO. It was quite fitting size as congenital Scorpio inlet valve 34mm in diameter. Greater torque, seconded from the piston cylinder membeludak kapastitas 8mm. Breath machines seconded from the larger orifice dimensions, may be formed as a result re-ported to a wider geometry.

Bore UP Suzuki Satria

Plus force Noken as high as nearly 8milimeter. To design satria F150 Noken as this, we are also researching tools Noken as a new lathe, in addition to open-book open again Noken as, ngerpek hehehehe ... a new tool with locking feature duration, maximize the precision performance of the cam, so that between 1 lobe cam with a lobe others can see you point the same phasing as well as similar cam profile. With the lock duration is so much easier we make again, just set a benchmark that dimau, turn on the machine again,

Learning never ending ...

Latest cam lathes, more stable, more precise

Venturi carburetor for supplying breathing engine power to minimum 28 millimeters with skepticism aperture system directly wired to react to the gas, unlike the slow motorcycle carburetor congenital ga ... heheheheh very sporty.

Then how to anticipate the shape ported F150 knight who tend oval? Do not bother, lha wong ported Bajaj pulsars aja box shape we can solve the solution, let alone this one ... yeekkkk guaya ... dah kalok immediately put on slippers ditimpuk

In the days of yore, when studied in the hermitage silat, the temperature of teaching science racing oval geometry conversion into a round shape. namely the length + height, multiplied by 50%. At that time I believe uh ga motorcycle carburetor jupiter nyopot told me, told ngukurin, then send unloading n bersihin carburetor and gentlemen, and then measuring the diameter of the tube skepticism jupiter, er is the same as the formula ... kok nemu win at wong Iki formula ngene patches, definitely not your taxable deh dikerjain told bersih2 carburetor gara2 ga believe wkwkwkkw: D Yes, while these formulas use it first until later I found a more precise formula use tangent cos sin, kalok increasingly more complicated it seems so cool ... hehehehe

Porting head satria F150

Finally, with the benchmark it, mas interview my direct command to widen Satira f ported in 30 millimeters by 26 millimeters tall. Ported conversion results obtained by 28 millimeters, yes insufficiency is to adjust the speed and velocity of gas satria F low because his steps short. portingnya greatness if it can-can motor so Boyo n pant-pant an ... Emergency tuh.

Similarly, in ported exhaust suzuki satria 120 R, if the exhaust port height, duration is too large, low dynamic compression ratio automatic motor sluggish, except in the cylinder head squish compacted and have a high octane fuel just like, yes but if you make it fit ga Daily ...

Satria 120 R

Eh kok so yes ehehhehe bahasin 2 stroke ... but also really exciting modif suzuki satria 2 stroke, so remember the high school with 3v3 exhaust design, plus embedded piston of motor sport ... RGR 150cc SP 28mm carburetor, biuuuhhhhhh ... horror! But it comes to exhaust suzuki 2 stroke, from the first, if builders want to come clean exhaust Ente, would say hard to find a suit that fits, especially if basic korekan despite relying on a standard exhaust pipe silincer already dibenami 20 millimeters. But with the existing calculation, at least we can create an ideal design for the character of a particular machine. Stay patience mechanic who determines the final outcome settings.

Blok satria 120 R

Tuning Blok Suzuki Satria

If this was ported to the carburetor big: D

Continue to our black steel warrior, complete machine design, we are looking for complementary accessories power, we entrust the brain ignition Rextor to align the curve with a laptop. Then we spend the exhaust gas from CMS products, pipe dimension of notch and engaging, although 20 red bills have to be sacrificed motorcycle owners to propose this special exhaust. Perfecto DE ITALIANO:) Cool fashionable slang and can be made racing ... yes Satria F150.

Neck CMS exhaust pipe


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